“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.” – Buddha

How long an average person live in his life span ? 60/70/80 that is too depending on healthy life style and unpolluted environment .

Andhow long are they remembered?

Is there something after death ?

How some one can live and be loved even after death ?

There are endless similar questions used to come to my mind and made me search the answer .I started digging out in principle of Buddhism and found out the answer

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely

People are immortal and remembered for long only when they leave a mark by their work ,action ,words ,behaviour etc .Some one does not have to be a monk and leave everything and spread his wisdom to be immortal.

A person can serve others like Mother Teresa.

Invent,exercise science and enrich knowledge for future generations like Neewton, Einstein, Galileo, Drawin, Archimedes ..

Practice technology like Bill Gates,Steve jobs

There are 100 other ways to practice good execises for own self ,for all surrounding them ,for every one in the globe .Choose the one which is best for your soul and keep moving .Rest will be taken care by others who are getting your help directly and indirectly .Good souls are always appreciated and remembered .

On the other way around your action can’t make every one happy because every body does not have same intension and objective as well as mind set in the world .Truth and goodness are relative .Your good can be some ones bad and vice versa .So,ask yourself and make sure you are doing good for mass and leave people who are not pleased for their own selfish reasons .Go on .Do Good .Be Good

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lets go towards perfection

Tricks Of Staying Calm

Being happy Or getting happiness is a process or you may call it a result of your karma / reaction of the actions you are mailing .It’s not some thing like a magic which can appear in no time .There are people who often believe buying a Versace handbag or a pair of shoes from Dolce and Gabbana can bring smile / make them happy .Is that real happiness ? Or that is just an illusion of being happy .The answer is quite simple

Think of

a.A pair of Lee Cooper shoes bought by you from your salary / bonus or think of a Gucci handbags gifted by your beloved brother in your birthday

b.Think of a Mikel Kors handbag bought just because you liked it ,wanted to get it to show case that “See ,I have a bag from Mikel Kors”

Now ,which one triggers you more ,which you hits your emotion ,which you make you feel beloved ,which you make you feel more peace to get .

I have choosen peace over  happines and the day I made this decision I never had to look back.All relations of mine become more stronger ,I can say NO to fake faces,I can distract my mind from hollow glittery stuffs and get me calm everyday .

Often people looses calmness and control over themselves and behaves in a wrong way .As I blindly believe Buddhism as principle as well as practices for making myself a good human rather than anything I found the answer in it .Why to excite and loose calm for some thing what is said / behaved by some one else .If you are not reacting on anger / misbehaviour of some one that means  you are certainly not accepting that .And what happens when you don’t accept a gift of some one ? That goes / belongs to the person who bought it for you .I personally have avoided and solved lot of problems following this and I am sure you all will be able to do that.

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Be healthy,be happy 😊


Being crafty is the new trend !😍

Hi All,Hola!!!

This post really took a lot of time to publish .Life is taking different tracks quite often and I am just trying to avoid derailing .I have strated councelling people,friends  around me who are seeking help this was always a passion of mine but I had never thought of doing it gradually .But there is some thing else what I never knew o was some how suppressed by me concious mind was “being crafty”

I become crazy while I see glass jars ,my mind always keeps on thinking making them beautiful,nice ,cute and crazy

Glass jar
Mr. & Mrs. Glass jars
Mr. & Mrs. Glass jars


This are the recent pieces made by me .It’s pretty easy to guess that these are abundant glass bottles of pickle ,sause and honey .This cute stuffs are nothing but attempts of making a flat more homely and touchy .

Though I have no experience is glass painting but I don’t think it will be a trouble experimenting with the new one too.I will surely share when I will make some thing new .

Even imprints of leaves ,moon / sun in the glass walls also attracts me .Decorating tiny bulbs with in jar ar also in my to do list of upcoming days .

Let’s see what comes out .Wish me luck.😆😊


My home needs me :*

I was truly busy at work rather in work problems that I can see my home is bit angry of me.my shiny coffee table have covered itself with layer of dust and it’s dark mahogany Colors is becoming black day by day.
My man’s laptop’s “Dell” logo will soon disappear as dust and ashes (exclusuvely from his ashtray) are determined to make a thick layer .Silver lining of my TV is not shining any more,kitchen seems like park of domestic lizards ..

This is the corner in earth which hugs me with love.so I should be sorry that I prioritised anything else apart from you my home and I partly believed that he will try to take care of it when he is free in home.

I recently had gone through the book of Mrs.funnybones written by glammourous Twinkle Khanna.trust me she is the wittiest women I have ever heard yet.Her tagline was so true she is trully similar like any other woman who is in battle field of managing work and home every day. 🙂

How to be free from worries?


If we have some thing happening in life we have reasons of worries..I have seen my parents to worry about me always .If some thing good happens they think is some thing bad awaiting next ? If some thing bad happens they think when shall I come out of it..Years pass one after other but reason and volume of worries increases gradually..

Key thing to have a life without worry is doing something positive for you / people surrounding you without doing anything bad for any body..If you are in a problem think logically ,ask people are really caring for you ,take suggestions ,think yourself and take actions.
Don’t worry if you are failing or in bad times because failure is the first step of success and indication that you have to keep on trying and you are done with one steps 🙂 and bad times are part of every body’s life.Some one faces it earlier,some one faces it later

Have you ever thought how monks of Himalayas and Buddhist monasteries are living life without worries.They have secret strength of connecting themselves to the bigger universe of wisdom. They are always in doing some thing good for mankind without even a smile / thanks giving / single penny that is how they are without worries,they are age less because peace heal their mind,body,takes all dirt of tension /complexity

Helping people around ..

Be Positive

We all want happiness to surround us all the time and get company of persons whom we love and prioritize ..but its not the case always ..but that does not mean we will suffer from depression and become negative..
I usually practice to help people around me all the time by talking to them because some times it becomes easy to talk to stranger rather than some one whom you know and I have succeeded most of the times by solving the riddle of their life and returned them back the actual person inside

Life is truly beautiful.You just need to detox your life ..If a catalyst is needed for the reaction let that help you but dont let the shadow over rule the light of life.
So I will be very happy if my therapy / communication / ways to solve problems will help you to bring your positivity from inside..

Shantiniketan : A place to go to search inner peace

You will find you with more calmness,happiness inner peace when you are more close to nature,traditional culture

Bolpur,Shantiniketan is a place where I always wanted to go since long.It was a trip of 2 days with sight seeing and enjoying in deer park,banks of kopai river but the one which touched by heart the most is the Sonajhurir hat.Different artisans come here with there crafts like Saree,pots,vases,leather pouch,bags.I wish if everybody could actually pay them the price and respect what they actually deserve.They were showcasing dokra which is actually an art of making sculpture by mxture of different metals.Thise are juts wonderful and represents core art / taste of bengal

The place is extremely beautiful.The day we reached there was bit cloudy .It was raining sometimes and was with sun heat for some time but overall the whether was pleasant.The small market is open till sunlight is there as there is no electricity.You can stay in the resort located here also but this is distant from crowd.A narrow lane took us to the market “Sonajhurir Hat” .Seems like a river is always following you.the water was golden in color as with was almost covered of leaves of sonajhuri (Acacia auriculiformis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia_auriculiformis)..This images are my way out to peep to the day.that will always be treasured to my heart

Another place which always attracts me to teh place is Nature Art meuseum where naturally formed rocks,trees are placed.Seems like nature has curated with care and love

I am sure my images will give you the view what my eyes had and my words cant express

sarees in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri

Few more crafts (collection from childhood diaries)

My school days ended few years back but seems like it was an incident of few days back when we(me n my sis) used to feel its high time to give our study room a different look.Same old books,same class routine sticked to the wall notice board was giving a monotonous look.

We took few boxes,few gift wraps and started thinking what next,how to make this place attractive and check it out how things came into shape


Love to craft :)

Well ,I can’t forget my sister’s name when its about crafting .When we are together our ideas also spark together like a magic!

We can decorate homes even with waste aesthetically..We can make funny yet cute stuffs which always reminds presence of each other

She gifted a tiny handmade stuff which can be hanged any where and looks like collection of fishes which have shiny scales which are silver in color .When air blows it in opposite direction its black back becomes visible which looks like small sparrow .Is  not it sweet and innovative !


Oh! One more stuff. How can I forget our wall decoration of study room. Those are made dry petals of dark red lily and waste paper !