Review of Oriflame Lip Addict Violate Vibe

Oriflame Lip Addict Violate Vibe
This shade is some thing between dark pink and violet
This can be used every day
Looks nude if anplied only one stroke
It neither dry lips nor moosterizes
Wight 4 gm
Suits every one ,all complexions
Packaging is nice with a dark pink hardly plastic box with an additional layer inside
Good for every day usage and good to carry always
It’s available online as well as to the Oriflame Representatives


Review of Lotus Choco Chic Lipstick

Lotus Choco Chic Lipstick 594
Collection :Pure Colors Matte
Shade Brown ,Chocolatey brown

Lotus Choco Chic Lipstick
Lotus Choco Chic Lipstick

Suits every one ,fair ,olive ,dusky every body
Moosterizes lips
Pigments nicely
Stays for 4-5 hours
Lightens after a meal
Packaging is extremely nice
Comes is a brown box lined with golden flowers half drawn into it
Have mild aroma
It’s available online as well as to shop

In short this is my fav .I use it in most of the occasions ,while going out side anytime
This is a must have to me

This lipstick is available online as well as to Store

Review of Avon Simply Pretty Peachy Berry Lipstick

Avon Simply Pretty Peachy Berry
This shade is orangish and has little amount of glitter in it
It’s neither dry nor creamy
Net weight is 4 gms
Stays well for 3-4 hours
Lightens after a meal
Shelve life 2 years
Suits more to fair complexions but everything is about carring it
It’s not for everyday’s usage .Can be used Occasionally like going to party with friends or may be in a hangout .Good to use in day time

This lipstick is available online as well as to the Avon Representatives


I am here to help !

Its raining here from last 3 days ..All clothes are sticking to the hangers .moists everywhere ..It’s a sexy monsoon for teenager,romantic monsoon for youngsters but it’s truly painful for the one who has to go out side for office / professional purpose .Every where is waterlogged and transportation becomes very slow

I am listening to music since morning ,feeling damn lazy and felt like sticking to my blog ,checking out few mails where my friends are seeking my help for councelling.what people call councelling is actually an effective communication therapy.Sometimes stranger can read mind and give a solution even better than some one who knows you in and out because who knows other tries to judge you instead of being nuetral.

I am an active verified listener and often contribute there by helping others.I discover lots of turns in life ,ups and downs faces by people even I learn some times by knowing how they over came once but had given up now but over all it increases my patience and makes me a better person over all.It teaches my to read situations of both ends and act accordingly . I will be really happy if this post reach to people who need active help

Review of Maybelline color sensational Pretty Please Lipstick

Maybelline color sensational Pretty Please
This comes under recent Inti Matte Color sensational collection which has powdered and cream matte .As I am more inclined towards creamy matte I could not resist myself buying it.
This is a dark maroon shade
Nourishes lips
Stays for 3-4 hours
Lightens after a meals
It’s a must for going out ,dinner ,party and truly I find occasions to use it
Shelve life 3-4 years
Suits every one mostly dusky beauties

This lipstick is available online as well as to Shop

Review of Elle 18 Pinken

Elle 18 Pinken 31
Nice and cute color for school / college goers
Can be used at everyday work too
This is enriched with cocoa butter
It’s good on moisturized lips.You can apply nuetral lipabalm initially before applying it
Weight 4.3 ml
This can’t survive a meal .lightens after food
Stays well for 2-3 hours
Shelve life- 30 months

This lipstick is available online as well as to store

Avon Ruby Sparkles lipstick

Review of Avon Ruby Sparkles

Avon Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick Ruby Sparkles
This is one of those Colors which can be used for every day purpose
This suits fair to dusky all beauties
It’s not creamy matte and makes lip little dry so I used to apply little bit of nuetral lip balm Initially and then have it
Color is little bit towards brick or you can say some think between red and brown
I wish it was without sparkles .It adds a bright look to face
Net weight 4 gms
Shelve life 4 years

This lipstick is available online as well as to the Avon Representatives

Time for coral mischief .Reviewing Elle 18 Coral Shine

Elle 18 items used to be my favorite in my school / collage times .I can still remember how I used to save money to buy coametics and this lipstick is exactly my vehicle which takes me to those days .This coral color makes sure you look cute and exactly what is required.
You know I used to be one of those girls who never used to like much of make up but do everything in a very small amount of permissible line

Elle 18 Coral Shine 33
Quantity 4.3 ml
Shelve life 30 months from manufacturing
This is enriched with cocoa butter

It seems little dry to me so I used to apply little bit of nude or nuetral color lip balm Initially and then apply this coral color .
This suits fair to olive all skin beauties the most and it can be used everyday is college ,office / work .
This stays for 2-3 hours
It can’t survive a meal
You need to carry it and may reapply after having food

This lipstick is available online as well as to shop

Lipsticks are way to heaven

Though I am not very fond of make up but I am crazy for lipstick.Good shade of lipstick makes my mood.It may sound crazy but yes I feel putting a right color of lipstick,having a good hair do,little bit of rose powder is enough for getting ready.
I just thought to share my opinion or you can say review of lipsticks I have so that it can help any body to make their decision .Well ,I have lipstick of different brands like Maybelline,L’oreal ,Avon,Elle 18 ,Lotus etc.I normally keep it in large plastic boxes an atore it in freezer.I keep small piece of lemon or peel of orange so that the moisture gets soaked.Please suggest me if you have any other ideas to do it. This is just a collage of all the lipsticks and I will review every shade in details in my coming posts

lets go towards perfection

Writing story is like carrying a baby

I often think how time is gradually changing my identity ,my existence and probably my way of introduction towards outer world .More I explore myself more I feel I am actually more the unpublished version of myself .Probably I love cooking ,reading books for what I never got time in a very busy time schedule .My short stories are truly as precious as my gold ,diamond jewelry.Whenever I see them they bring smile to my face .

Knowing yourself is truly important and the best part of us comes out when we do it totally from our heart .How about giving wings to all my creativity ?