I am here to help !

Its raining here from last 3 days ..All clothes are sticking to the hangers .moists everywhere ..It’s a sexy monsoon for teenager,romantic monsoon for youngsters but it’s truly painful for the one who has to go out side for office / professional purpose .Every where is waterlogged and transportation becomes very slow

I am listening to music since morning ,feeling damn lazy and felt like sticking to my blog ,checking out few mails where my friends are seeking my help for councelling.what people call councelling is actually an effective communication therapy.Sometimes stranger can read mind and give a solution even better than some one who knows you in and out because who knows other tries to judge you instead of being nuetral.

I am an active verified listener and often contribute there by helping others.I discover lots of turns in life ,ups and downs faces by people even I learn some times by knowing how they over came once but had given up now but over all it increases my patience and makes me a better person over all.It teaches my to read situations of both ends and act accordingly . I will be really happy if this post reach to people who need active help

Avon Ruby Sparkles lipstick

Review of Avon Ruby Sparkles

Avon Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick Ruby Sparkles
This is one of those Colors which can be used for every day purpose
This suits fair to dusky all beauties
It’s not creamy matte and makes lip little dry so I used to apply little bit of nuetral lip balm Initially and then have it
Color is little bit towards brick or you can say some think between red and brown
I wish it was without sparkles .It adds a bright look to face
Net weight 4 gms
Shelve life 4 years

This lipstick is available online as well as to the Avon Representatives

Avon Simply Pretty berry bright

Berries are all time favorites.Review of Avon Berry Bright

Our choice changes with time and age and that is why different shapes of lip Colors take shelters to out shelves !Lip balms looses it’s priority to gradual Dark colors..Coral lipsticks were part of my everyday dos but gradually berry Colors started attracting me like anything ..

Avon Simply Pretty Berry Bright

Avon Simply Pretty berry bright
Avon Simply Pretty berry bright

Avon Simply Pretty berry bright
Avon Simply Pretty berry bright

Shelve life -4 years
Collection Simply Pretty Color Blias Lipstick Wishful Presence
Weight 4 gm
This has little bit of glitters .It’s good for a small get together ,party etc
It’s not creamy
Stays for 3-4 hours
Looks better on bright complexions
It’s ok to use it occasionally πŸ™‚

This lipstick is available online as well as to the Avon Representatives

β€œEven death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.” – Buddha

How long an average person live in his life span ? 60/70/80 that is too depending on healthy life style and unpolluted environment .

Andhow long are they remembered?

Is there something after death ?

How some one can live and be loved even after death ?

There are endless similar questions used to come to my mind and made me search the answer .I started digging out in principle of Buddhism and found out the answer

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely

People are immortal and remembered for long only when they leave a mark by their work ,action ,words ,behaviour etc .Some one does not have to be a monk and leave everything and spread his wisdom to be immortal.

A person can serve others like Mother Teresa.

Invent,exercise science and enrich knowledge for future generations like Neewton, Einstein, Galileo, Drawin, Archimedes ..

Practice technology like Bill Gates,Steve jobs

There are 100 other ways to practice good execises for own self ,for all surrounding them ,for every one in the globe .Choose the one which is best for your soul and keep moving .Rest will be taken care by others who are getting your help directly and indirectly .Good souls are always appreciated and remembered .

On the other way around your action can’t make every one happy because every body does not have same intension and objective as well as mind set in the world .Truth and goodness are relative .Your good can be some ones bad and vice versa .So,ask yourself and make sure you are doing good for mass and leave people who are not pleased for their own selfish reasons .Go on .Do Good .Be Good

Please comment or write to me if you want to go to more details and seek personal councelling





Being crafty is the new trend !😍

Hi All,Hola!!!

This post really took a lot of time to publish .Life is taking different tracks quite often and I am just trying to avoid derailing .I have strated councelling people,friends Β around me who are seeking help this was always a passion of mine but I had never thought of doing it gradually .But there is some thing else what I never knew o was some how suppressed by me concious mind was “being crafty”

I become crazy while I see glass jars ,my mind always keeps on thinking making them beautiful,nice ,cute and crazy

Glass jar
Mr. & Mrs. Glass jars
Mr. & Mrs. Glass jars


This are the recent pieces made by me .It’s pretty easy to guess that these are abundant glass bottles of pickle ,sause and honey .This cute stuffs are nothing but attempts of making a flat more homely and touchy .

Though I have no experience is glass painting but I don’t think it will be a trouble experimenting with the new one too.I will surely share when I will make some thing new .

Even imprints of leaves ,moon / sun in the glass walls also attracts me .Decorating tiny bulbs with in jar ar also in my to do list of upcoming days .

Let’s see what comes out .Wish me luck.πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š


Prawn curry in coconut milk

Today’s lunch was trully mind-blowing and reminded my best memories of childhood.Out of all the one my mind loves the most is coconut curry .

It just takes coconut kernels ,fresh cream,tiger prawns,salt,Termeric,sugar,white mustard a bit

Take oil in a pan > fry prawns > add salt> Termeric > pinch of sugar > add mixture of coconut kernel paste mixed with white mustard paste > let it be for few minutes to fry all together and get gel with each other and boil as well.A nice smell will indicate completion of the dish.Takw time and keep all it in a very low flame ..

Time to enjoy

Raw banana and coconut chop curry

Even I can’t trust that I can cook we’ll.To me it’s nothing more than chemical reactions where success is defined by taste !

Let’s go straight to the point.

Raw banana
Finely chopped coconut
Coriander leaves
Coriander powder
Ground spices
Bay leaf
Green chili
Rice bran oil / mustard oil (suggested)

1.Chop 1raw banana in 3 pcs.follow same for all bananas

2.chop potato into pcs

3. Chop tomatoes and coriander leaves

4.Boil raw banana pcs in pressure cooker

5.Take oil in a frying pan

6.Add bay leaves ,cumin seed,ground spices (whole)

6.Add chopped potato and fry it properly

7.Meanwhile mix raw banana,salt,turmeric powder,chopped green chili,finely chopped coconut and make very small round chops by hand

8.Take oil in another pan and fry all chops till all becomes dark brown

9.Now add coriander powder ,ground spices,chopped tomatoes ,chopped coriander leaves to fried potatoes and mix all properly .Cover the pan and let it be for few minutes

10.Add banana+coconut chops to and let it be for few minutes so that all spices get fried as well as enters to the chop.

11. Add salt to taste and mix all properly

12.Add water and let the entire thing get heat for few minutes

13.Add chopped coriander leaves upon the gravy

Try it and let me know whether it worked for you as well πŸ™‚

Winter has come!


Though my city feels heat most of the times this time people are enjoying winter,enjoying momos ,wearing Christmas hats ,coffee and midnight snacks more than last few years.I have faith on myself for midnight coffees but for momos i rely on nearby counters.Drinking too much coffee/green tea may cause lack of sleep some times.Winter comes with variety of vegetables,fruits .You will get ample cabbage ,turnip,cauliflower,broccoli, beans,green peas etc.My favorite is cauliflower out of all :)Nothing can replace the fun of enjoying fried cauliflowers / typical pakora of cauliflower

Winter has come earlier.blankets has got freedom from shelves and being used frequently,Coffee jars are being re-filled soon πŸ˜€


but often our skin feels dryness,itchiness and lack of moisture in winters .Try to use natural stuffs like milk,light oils

Image courtesy

Being eggetarian for the day : A break from green vegetables ;)

I badly needed a break from green vegetables .Though fish,red meat was calling me like anything I made a way to escape using eggs only

Dimer kosha

This is a typical ‘bong’ spicy recipe of egg which takes 15-20 mins of yours

1.Boil eggs

2.Heat non stick / kadhai and pour oil to heat there

3.Fry pieces of potatoes and egg till it becomes brown and keep it aside

Frying eggs causes the white skin crisper and that appears more tasty to me.

4.Heat oil ,add bay leaf ,cardamom ,sugar,dried red chili and fry it till some nice smell comes

5.Add chopped onion,tomato and fry it till it becomes brown.Add garam masala,cumin powder,coriander powder ,salt,turmeric and fry till oil comes out of the it

6.Now add fried eggs,potatoes to it and keep mixing Make sure its not over fried

7.Once masala,egg, potatoes are fried those become reddish brown .Pour some water (as per your taste)and mix it properly to make the gravy.Heat the entire thing

8.Garnishing : All fresh coriander leaves before serving

* Quantity of all ingredients to vary depending on no.of people to be served and their taste *

This dish goes well with steamed rice an salad

Try it and let me know how it is πŸ™‚

Banana Blossom Delight Or Mochar Ghonto :)

Cleaning up Mocha / Banana blossom is a real tough job.
Individual bracts / outer cover need to be taken out and flowers need to be cleaned by pulling out hard stigma and small stuff looks like plastic

Once its cleaned wash it out properly and cut all into small pieces

1.Heat up a Kadhai / non stick .

2.Add oil, temper it with cumin seeds ,bay leaf

3.Add potatoes; fry them at high flame till becomes light brown

4.Add turmeric powder,red pepper powder,coriander,cumin powder

5.Add salt and sugar.

6.Fry all the ingredients for few minutes.

7.Add chopped banana blossom and fry mixing altogether

8.Add cloves,cardamom,cinnamon.

9.Cover and keep it in oven for 9-11 mins at low flame or till all are properly cooked

10.Add some ghee and garam masala and mix it well and heat it will some nice smell comes out of it

This dish goes well with steamed rice

Now its your turn to do it and serve to your loved ones

And remember guys banana blossom contains protein,fat,fiber,magnesium ,iron,copper,potassium,vitamin E so rest assured that you tasty dish is giving you lot of food value