Hey ,there.Welcome you at my place!

I am sure it will not be another blog with rich cooking menus / tips because it will take ages for me to be a good cook 😉 but I know you will enjoy reading this combo blog of fun ,foods, adventure, daily life, crafts, tips to tackle life ,excitement after a night show of a most awaited movie and many more..

Enjoy Reading..


  • To me it was neither cooking nor crafting but its about liveliness and
    spontaneousness what I always attracted to me .Even I am a novice managing my new life as well as cooking and I always get motivated whenever I  stop to browse your writing

    Your suggestions clicked like anything..

  • Thanks for your ideas of paper crafts ..This has given a completely different look to my walls ..Its really really nice :*

    Thanks won’t be much ..

  • Whenever I miss our spicy gossip session with a tasty snack break I come to your blog and go through your recent posts ..Its very refreshing and makes me smile all the time ~ Mirah

    Reading your blog is alomost like dining with you guys!