Review of Maybelline color sensational Pretty Please Lipstick

Maybelline color sensational Pretty Please
This comes under recent Inti Matte Color sensational collection which has powdered and cream matte .As I am more inclined towards creamy matte I could not resist myself buying it.
This is a dark maroon shade
Nourishes lips
Stays for 3-4 hours
Lightens after a meals
It’s a must for going out ,dinner ,party and truly I find occasions to use it
Shelve life 3-4 years
Suits every one mostly dusky beauties

This lipstick is available online as well as to Shop

Avon Ruby Sparkles lipstick

Review of Avon Ruby Sparkles

Avon Simply Pretty Color Bliss Lipstick Ruby Sparkles
This is one of those Colors which can be used for every day purpose
This suits fair to dusky all beauties
It’s not creamy matte and makes lip little dry so I used to apply little bit of nuetral lip balm Initially and then have it
Color is little bit towards brick or you can say some think between red and brown
I wish it was without sparkles .It adds a bright look to face
Net weight 4 gms
Shelve life 4 years

This lipstick is available online as well as to the Avon Representatives

β€œEven death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.” – Buddha

How long an average person live in his life span ? 60/70/80 that is too depending on healthy life style and unpolluted environment .

Andhow long are they remembered?

Is there something after death ?

How some one can live and be loved even after death ?

There are endless similar questions used to come to my mind and made me search the answer .I started digging out in principle of Buddhism and found out the answer

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely

People are immortal and remembered for long only when they leave a mark by their work ,action ,words ,behaviour etc .Some one does not have to be a monk and leave everything and spread his wisdom to be immortal.

A person can serve others like Mother Teresa.

Invent,exercise science and enrich knowledge for future generations like Neewton, Einstein, Galileo, Drawin, Archimedes ..

Practice technology like Bill Gates,Steve jobs

There are 100 other ways to practice good execises for own self ,for all surrounding them ,for every one in the globe .Choose the one which is best for your soul and keep moving .Rest will be taken care by others who are getting your help directly and indirectly .Good souls are always appreciated and remembered .

On the other way around your action can’t make every one happy because every body does not have same intension and objective as well as mind set in the world .Truth and goodness are relative .Your good can be some ones bad and vice versa .So,ask yourself and make sure you are doing good for mass and leave people who are not pleased for their own selfish reasons .Go on .Do Good .Be Good

Please comment or write to me if you want to go to more details and seek personal councelling





Being crafty is the new trend !😍

Hi All,Hola!!!

This post really took a lot of time to publish .Life is taking different tracks quite often and I am just trying to avoid derailing .I have strated councelling people,friends Β around me who are seeking help this was always a passion of mine but I had never thought of doing it gradually .But there is some thing else what I never knew o was some how suppressed by me concious mind was “being crafty”

I become crazy while I see glass jars ,my mind always keeps on thinking making them beautiful,nice ,cute and crazy

Glass jar
Mr. & Mrs. Glass jars
Mr. & Mrs. Glass jars


This are the recent pieces made by me .It’s pretty easy to guess that these are abundant glass bottles of pickle ,sause and honey .This cute stuffs are nothing but attempts of making a flat more homely and touchy .

Though I have no experience is glass painting but I don’t think it will be a trouble experimenting with the new one too.I will surely share when I will make some thing new .

Even imprints of leaves ,moon / sun in the glass walls also attracts me .Decorating tiny bulbs with in jar ar also in my to do list of upcoming days .

Let’s see what comes out .Wish me luck.πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š


Sunderban! Truly a ‘Sunder’ ‘Ban’

In local language Sunderban means Sunder = beautiful ban = jungle .Poetically an artist may imagine it as a beautiful lady and the name is worth.This trip has corrected lot of misconception of mine .I was ashamed of being unaware of so many things for which I should be actually proud of.My state has so many things ,lot of diversification ,nature’s creation ..

You will be shocked to know that sunderban contains
total geographical area of 2585 km2 with 1437.4 km2 consisting of populated areas and forest covering 1474 km2 .The present Sundarban National Park was declared as the core area of Sundarban Tiger Reserve in 1973 and a wildlife sanctuary in 1977.Indian side of Sundarbans measuring around 4000 sq. kms consists of 102 islands just 16 short of the number of islands in the city of Venice. Out of 102 islands of Indian sundarbans, 54 are inhabitated and 48 are forested. Still Indian Sundarban is around 10 times bigger than the city of Venice.
This is declared as UNESCO World Heritage site inscribed in 1987.

Map of Sunderban

This place owns unique variation of bio diversity including flora and fauna .People normally come here to expect to see Royal Bengal tiger ,crocodile along with deer ,monkey ,snake ,monitor lizards but there are hardly few who looks at the dense forest which has its own beauty ,mangrove forest with trees like sundari,gerua,dhundhol,Goran,golpata,keora.

Forest and water around !

There are mangroves which are viviparous i.e the seed gives birth to the new plant being connected to the parent tree when it has roots which can catch hold of the soil and connect to it immediately after seperation from the parent tree.This is a type of evolution they have achieved to exist in a land with soil water where 6 hours a day the land faces high tide and rest 6 hours it faces low tide.Just think ! How they have evoluted .Even human babies forms in a mother womb like this and takes birth from her mother’s body..

Mangroves in sunderban

Roots of sundari have a different respiration proces.As they hardly get oxygen from salt water .They have evoluted and made there roots hard and spiky and moved to opposite direction outward water / soil i.e towards sky and there are pores to breath.Can you imagine ?Nature is tuly a magician…

As far as wildlife is concern this is home to Royal Bengal Tiger ,saltwater crocodile,spotted deer,gangetic dolphin ,pacific shark ,monkey,monitor lizard.As per the last count only 103 Royal Bengal tigers are left so chances of spotting tigers are truly rare and can be seen only if you are truly lucky because maximum boats will ride you through the main river .They come near to main river only at very early morning or at the time of sunset to drink water / swim to cross river ..It’s their own territory and I was shocked and surprised how tourists even expect to see a tiger while boats are passing through the main river .Just think about probability of spotting a single tiger out of 103 in a wide region like 2585 km2 unless some body is lucky like a lottery buyer who becomes 1st prize owner whenever he buys one πŸ™‚

There are watch towers where from people can see far into jungles .Sweet water ponds are made to attract wild animals to drink water ..We had visited 2 watch towers like Dobanki and Sudhanyakhali .Entire waterbody and forest comes under Sunderban National Park .I was wondering how tough it will be for official of forest department to manage this locations ,fencing out,counting ,treating ,even tracking the routes when there is water everywhere and all places look same ..

We spent an entire day in waterboat and visited the water routes .I can remember the sign boards writing ‘Pirkhali1′ ,’Pirkhali2′,’Bonbibir Bharani’ etc.The place has erased all my memories where from I came to visit this place .We have got very nice co-passenger a family was there where a boy was very couragous Β and telling his family that he would like to have tiger chowmein instead of chicken chowmein and every body was laughing at .A geographer was with us from Germany who was noting down everything in a journal and clicking images ,must be making his papers based on bio diversification / nature of river πŸ™‚


We stayed in mud cottage ,enjoyed some local programme,folk music.We spent night in a island called ‘Sukumari’ .We enjoyed food made by local people .They are very homely and courteous and welcomed us as tourism is one of the important business here.Its truly tough to survive and pass daily life there .We have provision of putting AC on whenever temperature goes beyond 30 but these people work in scorching heat,gets only soiled water to drink and do everything .Their occupations are fishing,collecting honey ,getting crabs .Every one takes high risk everyday as they have to enter dense forest to do all.Outsiders are just worried about tiger but there are lot of venomous snakes,amphibians,reptiles ,crocodiles .I have seen lots of places where red clothes are tied with tree stems marking there are danger inside so that others enter with safety measures only .But only blessing they get is the natural beauty .You will forget everything when you will sit in the bank of river or in the boat and check out water ,how its flowing silently how its effected in low tide / high tide.

Sunderban in low tide

This trip made me calm ,composed had given me a glimpse of power possessed by nature / God.It made me patient ,adjusting ,sacrificing by thinking how people are surviving everyday taking part in a battle called ‘life’.It made me realised that our life is like a river which starts as a small from a big glacier / mountain like our protective parents ,go on ,creates memories as compared to places ,takes turn ,makes its own way ,some times crushes hard stones / flows with it,forms / destroys relation the rivers forms and destroys new islands and ultimately gets into infinite occean the way our spirit gets merged into the infinite power pool after death..

Life moves like a river
Watching high tide in Sunderban
Trees submerged in water
About to sunset
Saltwater in Sunderban
Boats are getting ready
Land is dry and drought inside villages even cultivation is tough in salt water
Boat ride in an pin-drop silent evening
Photography Of a Photographer



Places I want to go soon!


My country,state is a place with hidden treasure of natural beauty
It has most popular places like Rajasthan,Kashmir,Kerala where as there are places which can take maximum 2 days but will detox you from core of your heart.Here is a list of those hidden places I would like to explore

1. Shantinikatan

resort in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri

Though its popular for being connected to poet Rabindranath Tagore but this is a place here you can be in touch with bless of nature.If you like villages,ponds,farm lands,small temples ,small rivers etc this is a best place for you …You will get forest,nature vegetation,river banks ,rural culture everything here..

2. Daringbadi

This place is known as Kashmir of Odisha. Its a hill station with jungle,coffee gardens,waterfall..You can find ice fall in winter here.This rain forest can be a very good week end destination .So its time to pack bags and go to enjoy medicinal plants,river banks,ice fall ,wildlife

3. Sunderban


Image Courtsey

True place to get a glimpse of Royal Bengal Tiger and crocodile.There are lot of individual spots surrounding Sundrerban. Though people go to enjoy wildlife but salt lands with Mangrove has its own attraction..Boat rides may make you feel presence of any wild animal any be cautious all the time

4. Bankura


Places to go are Joypur,forest,Biharinath,Susunia,Mukutmanipur,Chechuria,Bishnupur..To me all to be full of natural beauty,earthy smell of handicrafts..
Image Courtsey



Image Courtsey

Place to go are Boranti,Duarsini,Garhpanchakot, Muruguma..Place with tribal villages,handicrafts,forest,hills..and memories πŸ™‚




Shantiniketan : A place to go to search inner peace

You will find you with more calmness,happiness inner peace when you are more close to nature,traditional culture

Bolpur,Shantiniketan is a place where I always wanted to go since long.It was a trip of 2 days with sight seeing and enjoying in deer park,banks of kopai river but the one which touched by heart the most is the Sonajhurir hat.Different artisans come here with there crafts like Saree,pots,vases,leather pouch,bags.I wish if everybody could actually pay them the price and respect what they actually deserve.They were showcasing dokra which is actually an art of making sculpture by mxture of different metals.Thise are juts wonderful and represents core art / taste of bengal

The place is extremely beautiful.The day we reached there was bit cloudy .It was raining sometimes and was with sun heat for some time but overall the whether was pleasant.The small market is open till sunlight is there as there is no electricity.You can stay in the resort located here also but this is distant from crowd.A narrow lane took us to the market “Sonajhurir Hat” .Seems like a river is always following you.the water was golden in color as with was almost covered of leaves of sonajhuri (Acacia auriculiformis. images are my way out to peep to the day.that will always be treasured to my heart

Another place which always attracts me to teh place is Nature Art meuseum where naturally formed rocks,trees are placed.Seems like nature has curated with care and love

I am sure my images will give you the view what my eyes had and my words cant express

sarees in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri