Back from the best holiday of this year !

Time spent with parents remind childhood the best .My sister is a topping there ..7 days passed with them make me feel the taste of peace through out.Home made cooking ,new dishes ,endless gossip ,sky watching sitting in roof with my sister cum best friend is like spending best part of life .Every time I meet them I just repent why I am growing old ,I want my childhood back .They act as an time machine.They have a magical power of making me 10 years younger ,making me a innocent girl ,they work hard so that I can rest ,they are the people who actually make me feel alive ..

When they go back they fill my mind with so much positivity ,power ,strength ,joy and  silent sadness ,an attempt of hiding sorrow,red corners somewhere in eyes ,drop of tears..

But we do come back to our regular world and becom the best robot out of us who keeps on playing ..


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