Planning a trip to sunderban..

Salty water ,fear of tiger ,crocodile ,scorching heat ,what more some one wants to spice up life in this extreme hot and humid whether

We are planning a trip to sunderban full of nature ,water ,sea,mangrove and water life .

We are going with a tour packaging group .They will organise including fooding,accomodation etc.

All my friends who are not aware of the place can get details from the link I have given above so ,I wont be repeating that it’s a UNESCO world Heritage ,it has a national park with tiger rehabilitation centre etc

I was going through personal blogs so that I can have few tips,gather some information about other’s person experience .Most of the people are saying there is hardly chance of seeing tiger ..Still I am hopeful ..Atleast I can hope to see monitor lizard ,gangetic dolphin,crocodile and lot of greener to heal my eyes ..Every one is writing about wearing soothing cotton as there will be scorching heat,shoe which covers entire feet because it’s most wet land and may have leech and snake ,other poisonous insects ..

Travelling is becoming an inseperable part in me because some where some time we should trash garbage of our mind and detox and come back to the concrete civilization

I will surely share my experience on I am back from there


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