Bad times are like bad dreams!

Imagine a morning with fresh start after a sound sleep though you had a bad dream for few minutes .Life is a combination of good and bad where neither good times stays forever nor bad time tortured you through our life.

Bad time gives you lesson where as good times give you memory both are equally important for life.life flows like a river where mountains and planes both exists ..

It’s important to keep calm,deal bad times tactfully and wait for good times as well as pray to God to give strength.Lot of people looses calm and take around g decisions at their bad times where’s as there are people who take wrong decisions at their good times too.Money usually makes people arrogant and proudy they often forget they have passed from bad times what may come in future so they should be equally polite ,calm and plan for future instead of loosing self control,dealing badly with others .Beacuse it’s only people around you who will become your strength at your bad times and if you will disrespect / ignore them at your good time why they will stand beside you.

So enjoy good after planning for bad and be strong and hope for good when you are in bad faces of life .After all sunshine and rainfall both are equally important to live ..


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