Budda-An idol of peace

Back to my corner !

Life is a mixture of good / bad,best / worst ,happiness / sadness .Who knows it better than me! I was truly missing my mom,my sister and everything related to my childhood but some how when I saw my husband is eagerly waiting to receive me in station all my sadness,sorrow vanished away.May be this is called life ,a circle about new things ,new bonding ,new attachment what gives you strength to move on.

Slowly and gradually I got involved into all the homely things ,everyday’s cooking ,cleaning etc and I deeply realised one thing that I have to play multiple roles for multiple relationships ..I must find some time for myself to pamper me,to take some rest,to get deep rooted to organise myself and things around me and plan further ..Else I will never be able to keep my other responsibilities .I decided to take a break.Break from my extremely busy career to reorganize my own self,to decide the priority and do the rest ..


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