Mom I want to stay with you forever!

I am screaming from inside but wearing a smile outside ..Time has come to go back to my in laws place leaving my childhood place,gardens,old book shelves,sadness point crafted by me …

My mind is shouting from inside why I have grown up why not my only relationship is with my parents and sister.Why I have another home why I have other responsibility ?Why can’t I have a time machine to go back to my childhood and destroy the machine and throw excuses like I can’t go back to present time ? I know it sounds odd and selfish but these home,corners,gardens,roof top secret places,books,notes,shelves,dolls,handcrafted stuffs are very much engraved in me and attracts me reminds me of childhood .These place is strong enough to clear stress,bad feelings,sadness,emptyness,arguements and all suppressed pains and incomplete discussions/ questions / arguements .

I have nothing to decide because I have go go back but some how my soul will be here ,in this home,with my parents,with my old book shelves,,covered in this lovely curtains ,walking in the beautiful garden..


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