inner peace

Returning back to the real world after 2 days !

Some one has said that good time passes very fast and bad times takes ages to go even in a single day.

Only 2 days are left .After that I have to leave my parents alone and go to my in law’s place again.Life is a cycle .It has to move on from good/bad times..Life repeats itself as a child ,adult,young ,old ..

Good memories are treasured and gives me strength to face hard times .But good memories are valuable and priceless because of bad incidents.I wish I could be always a kid and holding hand of my young parents .But time has decided to make me young and my parents old.I have to keepy parents happy ,fulfill their wishes.Sone times their demands sounds like tantrums of a kid and reminds me a statement like old age is second childhood 😀 .But still some where in core of my heart my mind is still like a kid and enjoys my days of childhood can see myself in my parents …& Life goes on..Becomes a checklist of desires ,duties and responsibilities ..


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