Special cupcakes by most beautiful sister in earth !

I was more than surprised to see her made this for me.She is the one whom I had seen after birth in the baby busket.My cute love

And my mother special mutton mince curry..No I won’t share the receipy with any body as it’s a secret one mixed with my mother’s special love for me.Jokes.. πŸ˜€

Gossiping entire night with my sister,reading spicy messages ,enjoying tasty food,home made cakes,cookies ,watching TV series together,getting hair combing done by granny are the true things makes me smile..

Festival of color is going on.We have already purchased weird Colors like yellow, green,pink to transform man to ghost .Tasty sweets are being made and purchased.My cousins are on the way to home.Our tenant who are actually more than our relatives are preparing to enjoy with us.Mother is busy making lot of items for lunch.I don’t need any social media to be surrounded with all my loved ones.Every body whom I love are here.. but out of all I trully miss my loving husband 😦 .I know I m always connected to my man by hearts .I miss you love.Please accept my first touch of handful colors :*

Happiness ,Peace … πŸ™‚ Far away from everyday’s grinding and a super hectic schedule .I feel extremely relaxed,calm and composed .Yes kind of getting inner peace πŸ™‚

Anyways a very happy holi to all my loved ones,all the people who spends few minutes and pay attention while reading what I pen here .

It’s time to play holi like crazy .But be safe ..

And offcouse I will share the receipy in my next post


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