Departing is not always bad!

Well ..There are only few days left in my current workplace nad you will actually be able to spot who are your real friends,who are the people have always shown you smiling faces for their benefits and people who were rude but true from heart ..

So,it’s time of self learning “how to know people” and get the knowledge inside for rest of life.

There are people who say will miss you ,it’s pleasure working with you but actually happy inside because one rat is out the race where as there are people who sadly says who will show us new creative stuffs and motivate us to do more,who will point out our mistakes and shout to fix those..But it’s always a mixture of good and bad experiences where I got few friends ,few good relationships and came to know the real faces behind mask..Somewhere I heard a quote like life gives you either good experiences or good lessons so both are beneficial for you.

Some times I feel human face is the most beautiful mask I have ever seen in life.Lol..

On the other way around I am counting days to go to home and spend few days with them.So ,sooner these days will pass sooner I will be able to go to my mom’s lap..


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