Working like a Robot / Getting happiness from work ?

Well..It has become habit of most of us to get salary at a certain date of month because we can’t live without shopping in Flipkart / Amazon / etc..Still it’s worth for people who use it for the purposes like doing necessary stuffs like buying groceries,medicines,giving room rents.

We often forget to ask us are we happy with the job / do we really love working or it’s just like another habit ..Is this something what gives happiness?Is anything better I can do except this ?Am I really positive doing all this ??

Even I was lost untill some dissatisfaction started bubbling in my mind..I felt I can really do something much better than what I am doing.and trust me it’s tough if you are not appreciated though you are doing good and told to downgrade your planning and visualization.Do not do whatever you are told in your workplace blindly .Think ,rethink as yourself 20 times and do if you really feel it’s necessary .Have self confidence .Just yourself,judge instructions

Trust me.If you can’t love working you can’t live working .If you have visions,good management skill don’t simply go away,realise and decide .You never know may be you deserve something better than existing and it’s time to get better and more classy people,Ambience,quality of work.


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