Raw banana and coconut chop curry

Even I can’t trust that I can cook we’ll.To me it’s nothing more than chemical reactions where success is defined by taste !

Let’s go straight to the point.

Raw banana
Finely chopped coconut
Coriander leaves
Coriander powder
Ground spices
Bay leaf
Green chili
Rice bran oil / mustard oil (suggested)

1.Chop 1raw banana in 3 pcs.follow same for all bananas

2.chop potato into pcs

3. Chop tomatoes and coriander leaves

4.Boil raw banana pcs in pressure cooker

5.Take oil in a frying pan

6.Add bay leaves ,cumin seed,ground spices (whole)

6.Add chopped potato and fry it properly

7.Meanwhile mix raw banana,salt,turmeric powder,chopped green chili,finely chopped coconut and make very small round chops by hand

8.Take oil in another pan and fry all chops till all becomes dark brown

9.Now add coriander powder ,ground spices,chopped tomatoes ,chopped coriander leaves to fried potatoes and mix all properly .Cover the pan and let it be for few minutes

10.Add banana+coconut chops to and let it be for few minutes so that all spices get fried as well as enters to the chop.

11. Add salt to taste and mix all properly

12.Add water and let the entire thing get heat for few minutes

13.Add chopped coriander leaves upon the gravy

Try it and let me know whether it worked for you as well 🙂


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