Peace Vs Happiness

Budda-An idol of peace
Budda-An idol of peace

Well this must be a strange topic for people who are in dilemma of finding what they want..We often run behind happiness ,kind of deal like doing this at cost of getting something .Think of doing something small without expectation for yourself / for people who really care about you,do your everyday’s home work with love you will find peace -a contentment; some things where you don’t have to fear of loosing..
In terms of simple math happiness may be a subset of peace in few cases but peace will never drag you to catch some thing /to get something ,it will make your vision broad,make you learn art of living without expectation.It will never take something from you,it will erase all the fear from the bottom of your heart..

It took lot of year for me to get the core difference but the moment I realized I started to run behind peace instead of happiness ..Lucky those people who realizes it soon in life and get contentment ,get connected to the world of light and positivity

I have noticed one thing that whenever I look at image / idol of Lord Buddha my mind become calm,composed,I start thinking minimal,my mind become free from dirt of complexity,I stop expecting any thing from any body,my mind become free from pain.I just feel Buddha is in everybody you just need your soul to connect to the bigger world of peace so that you get some enlightenment from lord Buddha to allow the small buddha to grow you inside


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