How to be free from worries?


If we have some thing happening in life we have reasons of worries..I have seen my parents to worry about me always .If some thing good happens they think is some thing bad awaiting next ? If some thing bad happens they think when shall I come out of it..Years pass one after other but reason and volume of worries increases gradually..

Key thing to have a life without worry is doing something positive for you / people surrounding you without doing anything bad for any body..If you are in a problem think logically ,ask people are really caring for you ,take suggestions ,think yourself and take actions.
Don’t worry if you are failing or in bad times because failure is the first step of success and indication that you have to keep on trying and you are done with one steps 🙂 and bad times are part of every body’s life.Some one faces it earlier,some one faces it later

Have you ever thought how monks of Himalayas and Buddhist monasteries are living life without worries.They have secret strength of connecting themselves to the bigger universe of wisdom. They are always in doing some thing good for mankind without even a smile / thanks giving / single penny that is how they are without worries,they are age less because peace heal their mind,body,takes all dirt of tension /complexity


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