Transforming good to perfect!

lets go towards perfection
lets go towards perfection

I am very bad at defining something rather explaining but the moment you will start searching yourself you will get this questions coming from your heart..

We all run for something may be due to family /social pressure to make some body happy / to earn money but have we ever thought whether we really love that from heart,whether that is necessity / just a forceful implementation..Let me try to narrate with my own example

Let me share a very funny example with all of you my friends.I was very bad at cooking (may be still I am ..LOL).. A day came when I asked myself whats the secret of such bad cooking.I felt I do it just because I have to do it,I have to eat 3 times,its a work..that’s all..So,taste was never is the food cooked though all the ingredients are as per my mother’s tips..When I started being with my husband a feeling came that my food may make him happy after a long tiring day.Trust me I had given the same ingredients that day and the food was awesome. The feeling was more than happiness and the main ingredients behind was to make some one happy who really cares for me without any return / expectation.There was no greed inside,no hurry,no rush,no pressure of doing some thing and the outcome was just perfect..just like a magic

So ,give you all effort to a positive work,do it with happiness you work will be always good.Because when you are happy and doing something positive even God is bound to help you ..

Try it and let me know if that worked ..Will await for all your comments..


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