Be what you are :) Find the actual you!!

inner peace
inner peace

I can remember those days when my parents used to take all tough decisions on my behalf ..I used to fell extremely safe and secure but the fact is we all had to grow up ,take decisions,take right decisions,wrong decisions ,take risks ..We can be right all the time.There is nobody who is always correct.

You are taking risk that means you are growing up you are toward to be perfect .Do not close windows to avoid dust/pollution because it will stop lighting your room with sunshine too.

Do what ever you like.Eat spicy dishes,spend time with your parents instead of waiting for some one’s phone call who actually do not bother to give a call to you,try to cook something even if you will it will turn to charcoal šŸ˜‰ ,share what with your child hood friends,enjoy sunshine,enjoy cold,enjoy lollipops the way you used to do it in your childhood without thinking of what your colleagues / outsiders will think.Trust me this small stuffs will make you happy the most

If you are a book lover read as much as book you want what ever the topic is …..Watch movies (be it the most flop one)what ever you like without thinking what critics will say ,ask your mom what are the tips/ tricks behind her secret cooking,ask your aunt how is she ..Go to your child hood…It will gradually wash out all dirt of bad times and give you the real person inside

If any body feel I can help them out just post a comment here .I will be happy the most if I can put smile to any body’s face


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