Places I want to go soon!


My country,state is a place with hidden treasure of natural beauty
It has most popular places like Rajasthan,Kashmir,Kerala where as there are places which can take maximum 2 days but will detox you from core of your heart.Here is a list of those hidden places I would like to explore

1. Shantinikatan

resort in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri

Though its popular for being connected to poet Rabindranath Tagore but this is a place here you can be in touch with bless of nature.If you like villages,ponds,farm lands,small temples ,small rivers etc this is a best place for you …You will get forest,nature vegetation,river banks ,rural culture everything here..

2. Daringbadi

This place is known as Kashmir of Odisha. Its a hill station with jungle,coffee gardens,waterfall..You can find ice fall in winter here.This rain forest can be a very good week end destination .So its time to pack bags and go to enjoy medicinal plants,river banks,ice fall ,wildlife

3. Sunderban


Image Courtsey

True place to get a glimpse of Royal Bengal Tiger and crocodile.There are lot of individual spots surrounding Sundrerban. Though people go to enjoy wildlife but salt lands with Mangrove has its own attraction..Boat rides may make you feel presence of any wild animal any be cautious all the time

4. Bankura


Places to go are Joypur,forest,Biharinath,Susunia,Mukutmanipur,Chechuria,Bishnupur..To me all to be full of natural beauty,earthy smell of handicrafts..
Image Courtsey



Image Courtsey

Place to go are Boranti,Duarsini,Garhpanchakot, Muruguma..Place with tribal villages,handicrafts,forest,hills..and memories 🙂





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