Shantiniketan : A place to go to search inner peace

You will find you with more calmness,happiness inner peace when you are more close to nature,traditional culture

Bolpur,Shantiniketan is a place where I always wanted to go since long.It was a trip of 2 days with sight seeing and enjoying in deer park,banks of kopai river but the one which touched by heart the most is the Sonajhurir hat.Different artisans come here with there crafts like Saree,pots,vases,leather pouch,bags.I wish if everybody could actually pay them the price and respect what they actually deserve.They were showcasing dokra which is actually an art of making sculpture by mxture of different metals.Thise are juts wonderful and represents core art / taste of bengal

The place is extremely beautiful.The day we reached there was bit cloudy .It was raining sometimes and was with sun heat for some time but overall the whether was pleasant.The small market is open till sunlight is there as there is no electricity.You can stay in the resort located here also but this is distant from crowd.A narrow lane took us to the market “Sonajhurir Hat” .Seems like a river is always following you.the water was golden in color as with was almost covered of leaves of sonajhuri (Acacia auriculiformis. images are my way out to peep to the day.that will always be treasured to my heart

Another place which always attracts me to teh place is Nature Art meuseum where naturally formed rocks,trees are placed.Seems like nature has curated with care and love

I am sure my images will give you the view what my eyes had and my words cant express

sarees in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri
resort in sonajhuri

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