Being eggetarian for the day : A break from green vegetables ;)

I badly needed a break from green vegetables .Though fish,red meat was calling me like anything I made a way to escape using eggs only

Dimer kosha

This is a typical ‘bong’ spicy recipe of egg which takes 15-20 mins of yours

1.Boil eggs

2.Heat non stick / kadhai and pour oil to heat there

3.Fry pieces of potatoes and egg till it becomes brown and keep it aside

Frying eggs causes the white skin crisper and that appears more tasty to me.

4.Heat oil ,add bay leaf ,cardamom ,sugar,dried red chili and fry it till some nice smell comes

5.Add chopped onion,tomato and fry it till it becomes brown.Add garam masala,cumin powder,coriander powder ,salt,turmeric and fry till oil comes out of the it

6.Now add fried eggs,potatoes to it and keep mixing Make sure its not over fried

7.Once masala,egg, potatoes are fried those become reddish brown .Pour some water (as per your taste)and mix it properly to make the gravy.Heat the entire thing

8.Garnishing : All fresh coriander leaves before serving

* Quantity of all ingredients to vary depending on no.of people to be served and their taste *

This dish goes well with steamed rice an salad

Try it and let me know how it is 🙂


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