How to stay cool in unbearable summer :/


Summer has come ..

Summer covers most of the months of Calender in eastern India.Its tough to go out side in sun from last few days here.An extreme hot flow of air flows all the time


I am sharing few of the things what I follow in summer are like

1.Drink as much water as you can.Always carry a water bottle whenever you go outside

Its better if you can carry glucose in your favorite water bottle

2.Eat fruits as much as possible

3.Avoid anything oily / spicy .Intake some thing easy to digest

4.Always carry sunglass


5.Keep lemon ,peppermint in your every day’s food list


Lemon helps you to maintain PH balance,boost immunity,accelerate weight loss,eliminate toxins from body


6.Try to wear dresses made of cotton which are having lighter color shades

Darker shades attract sunlight and cause more heat,humidity and discomfort

7.Try to de-tan your skin every day once you are back in home

Home remedies are always best rather than any chemical products

You can use curd / some squashed tomato / smashed potato / lemon juice with smashed cucumber

* Don’t use raw lemon juices directly on your skin .It may cause irritation.Always take some water / honey(if you have dry skin)*

Try to bath twice.Taking bath before going to bed will give you sound sleep for sure..

That’s all what I try to follow but truly speaking even I miss out few thing in every day’s hectic schedule ..

Take care .Happy summer .Enjoy reading

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