Banana Blossom Delight Or Mochar Ghonto :)

Cleaning up Mocha / Banana blossom is a real tough job.
Individual bracts / outer cover need to be taken out and flowers need to be cleaned by pulling out hard stigma and small stuff looks like plastic

Once its cleaned wash it out properly and cut all into small pieces

1.Heat up a Kadhai / non stick .

2.Add oil, temper it with cumin seeds ,bay leaf

3.Add potatoes; fry them at high flame till becomes light brown

4.Add turmeric powder,red pepper powder,coriander,cumin powder

5.Add salt and sugar.

6.Fry all the ingredients for few minutes.

7.Add chopped banana blossom and fry mixing altogether

8.Add cloves,cardamom,cinnamon.

9.Cover and keep it in oven for 9-11 mins at low flame or till all are properly cooked

10.Add some ghee and garam masala and mix it well and heat it will some nice smell comes out of it

This dish goes well with steamed rice

Now its your turn to do it and serve to your loved ones

And remember guys banana blossom contains protein,fat,fiber,magnesium ,iron,copper,potassium,vitamin E so rest assured that you tasty dish is giving you lot of food value


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