OMG ! MY first post is being published

Cant cook without these spatulas

Still can’t believe that I am towards publishing my first post ..I feel like I am thousand kilometers away from a crowded city where I used to go through a tough grinding  session of deadlines every day 😉 Its like a blessing of peace to me ..

Well, I know I will get support from majority if I will say its tough to dine with a (100%) veggie being a food lover who cant live without oily ,spicy meat and order different foods for the same single table ! Seems like it was an incident of yesterday when I used to scream even thinking of a plate in front of me with green fried vegetables even without smell / color of animal protein but now I also make eatable complete vegetarian foods.

Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables

After God I must say thanks to my husband who had always bear with (still doing so!) my chemical reactions .I mean stuffs (or food to be served as dinner / lunch)created during a chemical process which is termed as cooking to me ! 😀 He always had a faith that one day I will make something eatable with adequate salt ,sugar, turmeric..His reaction is changing every day after our dinner so I feel like I am close to my target



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